PDF files are lifesavers for documentation in online businesses, remote work, and virtual office environments. However, with the digitization of documents comes the great responsibility of editing PDF documents.


Although PDFs are difficult to edit, modern PDF editors offer a safer and more accurate solution for changing the narrative. How can you find and choose a PDF editor that works best for you?


Knowing what to consider in PDF software will help you select a top-tier tool that’ll perform all your editing tasks with speed. Since we started working with PDFs, we have discovered what makes the best PDF editors too.

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What to look for when choosing a PDF editor

Consider the following factors when choosing a PDF editing tool.


A good PDF editor should be portable and easy to work with. When searching for PDF tools, look for those with a unique ability to perform more tasks within a short time.


You’d appreciate a premium PDF editor with a familiar interface that’s easy to work with. Some PDF editing software adopts the Microsoft Office interface, which makes it more convenient since most people are accustomed to it.

Mobile compatibility

With more people in remote work opportunities, it’s essential to choose PDF editors that you can use on your mobile. The best PDF editing apps are compatible with Android and macOS mobile devices.

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You should be able to seamlessly operate a decent PDF editor from your web browser on your mobile. Opt for PDF tools online that let you work on a PDF document while you ride the train or work from home.

Editing features

You can spot a good PDF editing tool by how feature-rich it is. The best free PDF editors will let you add notes, signatures, pages, photos, and videos to your documents. You can also delete pages you don’t need and fill out PDF fillable forms using the best tools. The more editing features, the better the chances of meeting your PDF needs.

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Affordable pricing

There’s nothing wrong with comparing the prices of PDF editors before you select one. Pricey PDF editing software may not necessarily satisfy your needs, plus you should factor in your budget.


The PDF editor you’ll pay for depends on your needs, the number of users, and the quality of the customer support. For instance, Adobe Acrobat may be expensive for personal use, but you can opt for the pocket-friendly alternative in Lumin PDF.

Security features

With the porosity of the internet space, you should carefully consider if your preferred editor keeps your documents safe. Some online PDF editors require you to upload your documents on your web browser, making your information vulnerable on the internet.

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But with the best PDF editors, you can secure your document by encrypting its contents with HTTPS. Other security features like passwords and encryption keys ensure that no one can share or access your files on the internet without authorization.


Although online document editing is great, your preferred PDF tool should also let you edit offline. PDF editing will be more convenient when you don’t always need the internet before you can make changes.


There are excellent offline apps that make the job more accessible, even when you’re unable to edit PDFs online.


Apps that aid collaboration are essential for working with teams or dealing with clients. Alongside messaging and video-conferencing apps, a professional PDF editor will help teams process and review documents faster.

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Some impressive PDF editing apps even offer real-time communication where teammates can interact on a file and effect changes on the spot. You should check if the PDF editor allows multiple users to edit a PDF file.

Advanced features

Top PDF editors also come with advanced features to serve businesses and enterprises. Some advanced features include cross-platform use, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and electronic signatures.


If you’re looking to optimize office workflows when dealing with tons of essential PDF files, you should select a PDF editor that unlocks these advanced features.

Top 4 Best PDF Editors in 2022

Now that you can recognize the best PDF tools, let’s share some of the best PDF solutions we know.

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Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a tool with innovative editing features to optimize individual and business edits on PDFs. With Lumin PDF, you can open files and share documents with others on the cloud.


This PDF markup tool also ensures document security as your information moves through digital databases. You can also work with Lumin PDF on your smartphone, tablet, or PC and sync changes in real-time.

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit is another trusted PDF editor for all sorts of instant editing online. For those who like a tool they can use over the web, Foxit provides essential features, including eSign, filling form fields, and converting PDF to other document formats.

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Foxit is great for those who love a professional touch to PDF editing, as well as a desire to protect documents while they edit. It also provides you with free trials to test the editor before paying for the premium plans.

Mac Preview

Mac Preview is a pre-installed PDF editor for Mac device users to view and edit PDF files. Asides from default PDF-viewing, It provides a suite of tools that help you insert images, add notes, and fill form fields within PDF documents. Mac Preview also allows you to work with images on PDFs.

Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe PDF Reader is the first document viewer to usher in the PDF revolution. With an unlimited array of editing tools, Adobe is an advanced tool for corporate teams and large-scale editing operations.

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You can install this tool on your desktop and mobile devices for easy connectivity and collaboration. Adobe PDF Reader might be too advanced for people without technical experience.


When you understand why you need a PDF editor, you’re one step closer to finding the best PDF editor that suits you. Making the proper selection is vital, so you don’t get disappointed or spend valuable time changing software for every task.


Your business deserves a responsive PDF editing app, so we recommend Lumin PDF for creatives and professionals. Use the full-fledged Lumin PDF editor on your mobile or desktop devices and relieve yourself of unnecessary stress.

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