Extract Mailbox from EDB to PST

MS Exchange users often get confused when it comes to extract mailbox from EDB to PST files. In this blog, we are going to talk about this topic only. The reasons for this process, the right approaches along with the right tool are mentioned below. Let’s get started without wasting any single minute.

A majority of the world’s corporate sector uses MS Exchange for their communication. It’s widely popular among businesses because of its feature fullness & Microsoft’s reliability. We know that a majority of businesses are habitual of this application but still, they are shifting towards cloud computing. This is due to the fast-evolving technology.

There are several reasons why users what to undergo such operations. We receive queries from hundreds of users every day sharing their experiences with us. The majority of them complain that they are unable to get reliable & safe solutions. They face various challenges in the solutions that they somehow found. This is due to the lack of knowledge. Let’s start with the reasons & then we’re going to learn the solutions.

Why Do Users Extract Email from EDB File to PST? What’s the Need?

The more users you will ask the reasons, the more different answers you get. This is because there is no individual stationary reason. Multiple reasons are there for such operations. However, the most common reasons are mentioned below to get an overview of why do a majority of users do so.

  • When users want to access mailbox content from orphaned/ dismounted data files, they perform this task.
  • Users transfer their individual mailboxes to a new Exchange server or any other desired platform.
  • For separately sharing the private, shared, or public folder to PST file format. Here, this task is best to extract mailbox from EDB to PST.
  • To access their offline EDB files without connecting them to a live Exchange server, this method is helpful.
  • When user accidentally delete log files on the system, this method is the lifesaver option for users.

Free Manual Method to Extract Mailbox from EDB to PST File Format

The free method includes PowerShell commands that are not everyone’s cup of tea. New users without the knowledge of PowerShell scripts can fail easily in the beginning. Anyways. Let’s start learning the method in case you want to extract just a single or a few files.

Step-1. Open PowerShell & Run Command “New-MailboxExportRequest”.

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox“<name of mailbox>” -FilePath” “<destination of the file path>”

Step-2. Now, Enter the Mailbox Name from which you want to extract email from EDB file to PST & Enter the Desired Location where you want the data to get saved.

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox [email protected] -FilePath \NDRWEB76-PC5PST DataAkshay_PST.pst

Before executing this method, make sure that you have given it the full read/write permissions. Otherwise, this won’t work even a bit. 

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Drawbacks of Using the Free Method for EDB to PST Conversion

Various severe disadvantages of the manual method make it a no go option for users. However, users still opt for it because of its open-source nature. This can have severe consequences because it is not safe to extract mailbox from EDB to PST format.

  • Its time taking & slows down the usual working of a workspace. It can take hours for heavy files extraction & sometimes even weeks. Evidently, it reduces work efficiency.
  • Another major drawback of this method is that it’s difficult to understand & involves lengthy confusing steps. New users are most likely to get face trouble in PowerShell cmdlets.
  • Safety is something that no user wants to compromise & here chances are that you may end up losing crucial files. That’s why experts do not consider this method safe.
  • This method does not have any features to reduce users’ workload. It lacks various helpful features that one can get in the automated method for a better experience.

Automated Solution to Solve user Query in the Most Reliable Manner

The best solution users can trust blindly without any difficulty is by opting for the automated solution. The automated solution is a result of the core hard work of IT engineers. It is quipped with all features that are necessary to make the user experience smooth & error-free. Download the Best Rated EDB to PST Converter Tool & start getting your desired results right away.

Step-1. Click on Add File button after launching the application to add EDB files.

Add File

Step-2. Preview the Mailboxes & Data Items & selectwhat you want to extract.


Step-3. Click on PST >> Set Destination location >> Go to Advance Settings option.


Step-4. Set the Date Filter & Category Filter.


Step-5. Finally, Click the Export button to extract email from EDB file to PST file.

step-5 extract mailbox from EDB to PST

After this step, all of your emails will be saved in selected location successfully & you can generate a status report for further analysis.


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There are several features of the mentioned tool that makes it better than any other tool or method.

  • The tool can scan, identify & repair corrupted EDB files before exporting them.
  • It’s easy to execute the selective extraction of the files with the available filters.
  • The software extracts bulk data in one shot & is faster than the manual method.
  • Safety is a priority for the utility. Hence, it makes sure none of your files are corrupt.
  • There are several other features available in this utility that make it out of the box.


Getting a perfect solution for such an operation is quite difficult. But not anymore as we stated both the manual & automated methods for users to get free & advanced solutions. The one thing to keep in mind before stepping into the operation is to make wise decisions regarding approach selection. The above-mentioned automated tool is the best way to extract mailbox from EDB to PST file format.

The automated approach is an expert’s recommendation because of its capabilities that no other tool or method can match. If you’re looking for a reliable solution, the modern approach is the optimum way without getting hindrance. On the other hand, the manual solutions can be opt in the worst-case scenarios & that too with small files.

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