A spinal cord injury may leave you paralyzed for the rest of your life. It can happen because of slips, falls, and accidents. The injured person may become partially or fully disabled after receiving the injury. The medical expenses are more than you expected. That’s why it is suggested to learn more about your legal options after being injured in an accident. A good spinal cord attorney will be able to assist you in the best possible manner. He can inform you about the types of claims you can file for a spinal cord injury. Some of them are mentioned below:

Expenses and medical bills

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If you are planning to file a claim, you should know that you qualify to receive the medical expenses that you have spent on your treatment. Apart from this, therapies, doctor’s visits, and tests will take place for a long time. Due to this, medical bills will go up, making the injured person financially weak. To deal with this, you should file a claim with the help of a spinal cord injury lawyer so that you can obtain maximum compensation.

Pain and suffering

Since the person may lose his ability to move from one place to another, he will suffer a lot both mentally and physically. The lawyer will be able to consult with the medical expert to know your mental condition and add the amount accordingly to the claim. Some of the more complex medical problems are losing control over bowel movements and sexual dysfunction. It can be proved with the help of medical reports and doctor’s notes.

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Depression and mental disorders

It is common for such patients to lose their ability to think wisely. Mental anguish, depression, panic attacks, negative thoughts and other problems make a person suffer a lot. They feel depressed about how their physical condition has changed their relationships with others. All of these factors can be included in the claim to maximize the claim amount.

Lost wages and benefits 

It has also been observed that the injured person may lose his income because of his medical condition. If he is away from the work, he will lose his benefits and commissions. A good spinal cord lawyer will be able to assist in this case, as he will try to obtain the money.

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If you are looking for the best lawyer in town, you should browse the internet. Through free consultations, you can choose the best one.


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