September 20, 2022

Walmart recently announced that it was expanding its AI powered virtual try-on technology that it first offered customers back in early 2022. The first version of the technology allowed Walmart users the option to choose from various pre-existing models to see what their choice of clothing would look like.


This option allowed Walmart users to match their skin tone and body size with a range of models in order to provide the best possible look and feel of what the clothing product would look like, on the customer.


The latest innovation offered by Walmart for its users is that the try-on technology can now be integrated to work with pictures of the user themselves, thereby offering an even more lifelike and realistic view of what the clothing item would appear to look like.

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The ‘be your own model’ concept is sure to attract a lot of users who would be happy to see exactly how a piece of clothing would look on them, albeit in a virtual world.


Walmart’s AI mobile app development cross matched thousands of catalog images in order to provide this feature that also takes into account the users size, colour and body shape as well.


When shopping online, there is always a hesitancy as to what the ordered product would really look like on the user, without a real physical try on.

More Conversions

This new benefit from Walmart looks set to empower more users to upload their own images in order to virtually try on their selected clothing items before making an informed and confident decision to purchase and complete the transaction.

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To get started, Walmart users must capture a full length photograph of themselves using the Walmart mobile app. This will then process the user’s image so it can be used for virtual try-on sessions. The app will store the image for future use, however the user can delete it at any time.


In the future, Walmart hopes to extend this service to mens and children’s clothing items as well. This will help those seeking part time jobs as well given the need for suitable apparel to face job interviews.


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We all like to look our best and when choosing an item of clothing trying it on is a must for most users as they do not want to waste their hard earned money on an item that may be the wrong size or not look good once it is delivered.


The ability to look good in anything is limited to those who are comfortable and confident in their appearance. This new AI based app feature will further help those users who have a hard time making a purchase decision.


As one of America’s leading retail networks Walmart is committed to delivering the best of service and benefits to its valued customers by using the latest technologies in order to stay ahead of its competitors.

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